Val d'Orcia

Pienza and surroundings

The Podere ‘Palazzi del Papa’ is to Pienza, plunged therefore in the magic Val d’Orcia and, at the same time, not far from the fertile Valdichiana, famous territories since the Romans time for the production of oil, wine and wheat.
The structure offers manifold opportunities of a stay that conjugates the care of the body with excursions to cities of art, churches, museums and landscapes unchanged in the time; without, naturally, neglect the oenogastronomical culture made by our extra virgin oil, wines like the wine “Chianti”, the “Nobile di Montepulciano” and the “Brunello di Montalcino”, or food like the florentinian beefsteak and the sheep-cheese.

Art and Sport

It’s the ideal place for excursions and pilgrimages to take place in the space of one day, time in which you can visit some of the most famous places of Central Italy. St. GimignanoPisaOrvietoTodiAssisithe Abbeys of St. GalganoSant’Antimo and Monte Oliveto Maggiore are only some examples of all what is easily reachable.

The territory of the Val d’Orcia is the ideal place to make trekking, to ride horses and to make long runs with mountain-bike, crossing ways and paths with cypresses and pines, still walking through the typical tuscan landscape: olive-groves, vineyards, woods and cultivated fields.